Property Management

Who We Are

Thank you for considering Carolina Stays! We know that owning a vacation rental property; or selling one, can be a joy or a nightmare (and sometimes both!)

We are here to ensure that the experience is the best it can possibly be. Our purpose is to be your ally and in your corner during the process, and our team focuses on your investment and what you want out of it.

What We Offer

No penalty contracts! At Carolina Stays, we would never want to be in a relationship with an owner who is unhappy with us or our services. Our contracts are penalty free, we simply require a 90 day written notice of termination. This allows us to take care of guest’s upcoming reservations and make sure they are not subjected to last minute cancellations.

Be assured, we do not promote higher tiered packages over lower tiered packages in our advertisements to guests. Our higher tier packages simply increase the level of service you the owner receives in order to eliminate your constant property maintenance headache. Founded in 2012, we are a veteran owned and managed company. Our ideals and values are simple.

Why Partner with Us?
Transparency and Honesty

We value transparency and honesty. 

Our Commitment 

Service to property and owner before the company. 


We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service. 


Safety first. For your home and for our guests. 


Create reliable passive income. 

your Property's value

Increase the long term value of your property.