New Owners

Dear Owner,

Thank you for considering Carolina Stays, where people come to vacation. We know that owning a vacation rental property or selling one can be a joy or a nightmare (and sometimes both!) We’re here to ensure that the experience is the best it can possibly be. We are your allies with you in the process and our team focuses on your investment and what you want out of it.

A quick word about who we are.

Founded in 2012, we are a veteran owned and managed company. Our ideals and values are simple.

  • Transparency and honesty
  • Service to property and owner before the company
  • Communication and customer service
  • Safety for you, home and guest
  • Create reliable passive income
  • Increase long term value of property


Now, onto what we offer…

We offer 4 tiers of service. These are priced as a percentage of the gross annual return of your property. Be assured, we do not promote higher tiered packages over lower tiered packages in our advertisements to guests. Our packages simply increase the level of service you require in order to eliminate the constant daily rental issues for the owner.

Bronze Package - 18% of Gross

  1. Advertising on, AirBNB, VRBO, Expedia,, Travelocity plus any future platforms that will attract guests to your property.
  2. Professional pictures and virtual tour done of your home.
  3. One electronic front door lock, provided and installed by Carolina Stays.
  4. Manage and book time for yourself, family and friends through your own owners portal on our website.
  5. Carolina Stays provided bed sheets and towels.
  6. $1500 per party of guests of incidental damage insurance.
  7. Take the hassle out of your vacations! Your property will always be cleaned and ready for your check-in. Plus, no need to clean when you check out. Our professional staff will make sure it’s 100% ready for your next guest. Simply show up; VACATION! and leave all the unpleasant hassle to us!

Silver Package - 20% of Gross

  1. Everything included above in the bronze package.
  2. Quarterly changing of HVAC filters
  3. Annual Spring deep-cleaning.
  4. $2000 per party of guests of incidental damage insurance.
  5. Professional pricing service and demand management (by


Gold Package - 22% of Gross

  1. Everything included above in the silver and bronze packages.
  2. Unlimited maintenance calls to your unit.
  3. $2500 per party of guests of incidental damage insurance.
  4. Annual winter inspection of your HVAC system and emailed report.
  5. Management of any required subcontractors (HVAC, landscaping, etc).


Platinum Package - 25% of Gross

  1. Everything included above in the gold, silver and bronze packages.
  2. Storm preparation - We will board & unboard your windows and doors at your request upon the approach of a hurricane (materials to be provided by owner).
  3. We will always strive to be first back to your property as soon as it is allowed by authorities. Once we arrive, we will conduct a video inspection to allow you to see your property and any subsequent damage ASAP.
  4. $3000 per party of guests of incidental damage insurance.
  5. Bi-annual (fall-spring) inspection and annual preventative servicing of your HVAC system plus emailed report.
  6. Yard maintenance (if required).
  7. Guaranteed annual return for your property! Always know the minimum you will make for the year. Secured and underwritten by



Additionally we can add routine and seasonal yard maintenance, HVAC preventative maintenance or storm prep to any level package for an additional fee (price is property dependent)